To our loyal customers, dealers, distributors and partners,

Due to the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many jurisdictions throughout the United States and the world are experiencing government restrictions limiting activity to varying degrees.

Dan Wesson operations are subject to an Emergency Order from our local government which forces us to close our facilities in Norwich, New York. Likewise, our CZ-USA facility in Kansas City, Kansas was closed under similar circumstances due to an order from the state of Kansas until at least April 23rd.

For the next 30 days, production and shipment delays are inevitable. We apologize for the inconvenience we know this will cause — we hold our nation’s Second Amendment rights to be sacred and are very concerned about the impact that emergency orders will have on our customers. We will work diligently to deliver products as soon as legally possible, while maintaining social responsibility and compliance with government orders.

To all of the Dan Wesson family, we hope that you stay healthy, safe and secure in the coming weeks. Make wise decisions — we’ll see you on the other side.



SINCE 1968

Today, we bring the same attention to detail to our 1911s. With over a decade of 1911 production, we’ve perfected the craft.

We produce only a few thousand handguns a year, using the best components and finishes the industry has to offer. We painstakingly hand-fit and polish each and every part, creating the best possible production 1911.

No matter the model, from our entry-level Heritage to our flagship Valor, we are proud to provide our customers the “Best Bang for the Buck” in the industry.

On the off chance you might need to speak to our customer service, our knowledgeable and courteous service department is second to none.

We invite you to find another production 1911 in our price range that gives you everything Dan Wesson has to offer.